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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
` 12:43 AM
Alpha Camp 2007 came and go in a blink.

i guess i do miss serving with my comm now that i look back...

really thankful for them and hope that they learnt something thru the 6 months of preparation as well...

was glad that my dear fren shiqi was there:)

well then..it has come to a close..

sorta back to reality again i guess?

needa sort out myself..sometimes some things jus wont go away...


Merry Christmas people..

And a Happy New Year..

this blog is going to be quiet for some time to come...

till then....

Mr Jen needs to figure out his life...

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Saturday, December 01, 2007
` 12:55 AM
At this present moment, i feel so stressful that no amount of M&M can curb my fears.

A friend told me yesterday that he failed his exams. He has been preparing for it for a year.

But because of the busy schedule he has, doing part time study, he have not much time for revision.

Worse, he picked the wrong topics to study because of the lack of time.

then he tell me this:

"Its good that i failed. Because it gives me a wake up call. Its not the environment that is giving me all the problems, but myself.There are times i feel that the environment is not doing me goo, but think again, if i have change my attitude, cherish my time, put in more effort, take things into stride, things will be different isn't it?Well, sometimes it difficult to put into practice, but to go through all these painful process and grow, its God's plan afterall. Bad in our opinion, but who knows?Isn't it tht you went through things that you know the reason behind?"

sounds familiar?

i think so.

its just hard to go thru the painful times isn't it?

no one seems to understand, not even your closest friends, your love ones, yourself.

only God understand.

All He is telling me.

Trust. Faith. Grace.

For He is God, who else knows better than Him?

i can cry. i can complain. i can be frustrated. i can be angry. i can feel hurt. i can hide.

i can feel tired.

but i cannot give up.

because i choose not to give up.

~Mr Jen has spoken.

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