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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
` 12:33 AM
Well its over isn't it?

My 21st Birthday is over without much hip..only with a short sour note...but it was all well when zeyi they all came n surprise me after my paper in the evening...

Pictures do the saying...

The cake for me...

The people who came especially for me...

Squeezing 8 persons in the car for me...

The card for me...

The writings for me....

Thanks Ruijie,Zeyi,Erik,Huiling,Tingfeng,Baohe,Mervin,Yanli,Yinglin,John and all who make the effort for me.

Sorry for the poor mood but i really appreciate it alot..thank you ppl....

All was done for me on my 21st Birthday.

Sometimes i wonder do i worth it at all?


Thank you!

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Monday, November 27, 2006
` 2:45 AM
Ok i am officially 21 today.
As of now.
Well i am in the midst of exams and don really feel the birthday feeling. But still i thank the following ppl for making it a special day no doubt..

Julia,Szemin,Qiyuan,Andrew Boey, Janicia, Jackie, Weiphin,Ian,Allen,Ah Shiok,Dr Andrew,Jih vern,how yuin for you surprise cake and delay tactics while i was in hall:)

Zhiyang,Daozhi,Minqi,Zhijing,Victor,Jeff,Judy,Joan,Liting, Xuan,Xibin,Reuben,Nathan,Joshua,Xinyi,Fio,Tying,Jess,Dun for you wonder GUITAR..oh my gosh man i got my D8!

Sixian for remembering:)

Suhua thanx man!

Ruijie ok u r among the first few la.

Liangying you are the first!

Bros,Mum and Dad.

Tingyu and Esther thanx man!

Winnie,Joel,Kaiwei,Arthur,Fanglong. We are meetin up soon!

And YOU:)Thank you!

There is only one 21st birthday they say.

But to me its not the birthday but the love and care ppl show you that matters.

Thanks People!

*Happy Birthdya to Janicia who was born on 27th Nov but 2 years later than me:)

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
` 11:03 PM
I drove along a long road today to Ivan's place...i look around..

Nice Cars.
Beautiful girls by the driver seat.
Smooth road.
Equal distancing of street lamp.
Straight divider.
Smooth curve of road.
Nice trees along the side.
Happy children.
Reckless motorist.
Speed monster.
Broken down vehicles.
Changing traffic lights.
Dark sky.
Falling rain.
Moving wipers.
Loving parents.
Cool drivers.
Informative road signs.
Empty schools.

And i tink to myself. What a wonderful world.

A sense of randomness in me tells me that i should be playing 船歌 on my zhonghu now.

*walking down memory lane?

Happy Anniversary to YOU:)

~Mr Jen has spoken.

` 1:51 AM
I just came back from NUS library...haven been mugging for a long time...while walking back i feel the night wind blowing in my face..smell the air...and it reminds me the feeling in the army again...

gosh...do i want to get enlisted again?

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Friday, November 17, 2006
` 12:17 AM
I watch a video of heart valve replacement operation today in lecture.

The heart was beating when the surgeon hand insert his hand into the heart valve and place in a new mechanical valve.

The heart was beating.

And he sew up the heart valve with the stitches.

He go in out in out in out of the valve as he stitch.

the heart was still beating.

Then he poke the valve to test it.

Blood was flowing.
I felt cold.

Can you imagine the pain in your heart right now?

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
` 8:45 PM
This is not about my wants..its rather the things i would like to do for my birthday..maybe not the actual day i guess coz i will be having my exams then...:(

In no order of merit...

1) Have a WHOLE DAY 18/02 WHOLE class outing cum birthday dinner....
2) Have a meal with HARN,XIONG and REAGAN TOGETHER...if SARAH is back then of course with her as well..
3)Meet up with my AJCO gang..Zeyi,Ruijie,Erik,Baohe,Mervin and Huiling..yulin?anymore?
4)Have a good meal with yyxz ppl...yang,dz,vic,jeff,judy,joan,liting,minqi,fio,xibin....somemore?
5)Have a good meal at home with Mum,Dad,Bros...
6)Be with you:(

Ppl we can start planning........

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
` 1:34 AM
Fanglong sent me this link @ 1.20am andi do appreciate his effort to make me relax abit....though i am super relax now..ha....thanks bro!


*i have been attacked and beaten up......shucks...

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Monday, November 13, 2006
` 12:25 AM
Sometimes i just take ppl's opinions on me too much that keep bothering me the whole day...sometimes i wish i could just turn on a deaf ear....sometimes i wish i nv heard those stuff before..sometimes i wish ppl could understand me abit more...sometimes i wish i wasn't expecting too much from myself..sometimes i wish i didn't achieve anything at all...

sometimes i wish i could just be myself.

*thank you for being there and understanding all the time:)

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Saturday, November 11, 2006
` 3:05 PM

my new possession....

~Mr Jen has spoken.

` 1:31 AM
okie i changed the skin after tinking of wat ppl have been saying of me...yes they call me uncle...shucks...

Oh ya look under WANTS and be prepared for 16 more days to come...:)

I planned our my mugging schedule..packed and i really need to be on task..haiz...

I am still in hall today...sometimes i jus feel kinda sucks coz seriously i don really like hall( for the presence of some ppl) while at the same time i prefer hall coz its near n frens ard...i hate the dilemma feeling...

now i needa slp...shucks!!!!!!!!!!

~Mr Jen has spoken.

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