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Thursday, June 30, 2005
` 11:31 PM

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look at the reflection!!!!Damn Cool!!!

~Mr Jen has spoken.

` 11:12 PM
when i switch on my view cam...i saw the happy scenes of the zoo...the smiling faces...wonderful memories...never thought that zoo could be that fun..but again its the company?...is't it?...feel so happy...as i click the button a few more times...i saw the memories of the past...the time in ocs...the last 2 weeks....photos and video pf ACPC...sword presentation ceremony...it looks so near...felt like yesterday..yet it was so long ago....suddenly i miss the times..in the bunk of 2...the kitchenette where we simply cook noodles like nobody business...watch tv..slack...play ps...run around the corridor...the common area where work out at night by the muscles...lap top watching OC with my buddy...wat else?...so many memories....gosh...cani go back?..even in a course like this now..i don feel as attached as the 10 months tog....maybe time is a factor but what we went thru is even more...esp in brunei....all is memories now....

i am flooded....in a poor of memories where i wish it wasn't memories...not just memories...

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Sunday, June 26, 2005
` 12:13 AM
Was surrounded by animals the whole day...real animals..not human which some considered as animals...was at the ZOO...yes the ZoO ZOo zOo...with some good company which make the day quite fun though e day started abruptly with me overslpt for driving and get the same irritating instructor for lesson again..haiz..but the rest of the day make up for it..heh..had lotsa fun taking crap video and photos at zo0...and eating and eating and eating again...well the zoo has changed alot though some programs r still vintaged and running...can blamed them..wat else u expect them to do to the animals?its quite sad to be locked up and to be train to performs..haiz...but then still a fun day..:)

watched initial D after that..story alright la...acting abit poor...but cars are superb...heh..total...*** out of *****...hmm...the anime looks better..with the drawing and sound..i guess..u noe after u watched the anime u sorta expect more in movie but it cant be done in real life some of the action coz its jus illusional isn't it?...hmm..not bad...not slack at home..gonna Zzzzz...tomolo is sunday again..haiz...so fast...

oh ya...happy birthday to winnie and ian...happy birthday!

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Sunday, June 19, 2005
` 8:35 PM
Had a v good weekend..should i say a much happier one than last week?...watched mr and mrs smith yesterday..not bad with the action but the plot was abit abrupted in the ending...walked around town..had some good food..of course..the company was e most important one and it was the best company..:)

Had a little hipcups during driving lessons with a v irritating and impatient instructor who keep scolding and nv give a chance for me to ask..i feel so insulted but none the less i tolerated..argh...church today was good both cg and service...then meeting for prog comm...and then 2 lazy pig lazing ard plaza:p...hmm..alpha camp is getting abit stress now with lots of things to come up with esp being in the prog comm,,hafta work hard and coordinate well with the rest in the comm..hope it turns out well..pray for guidance...

nonetheless..this is a weekend of xinfu-ness and bliss:)

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Sunday, June 12, 2005
` 4:18 PM
As i switch on the computer and stare into the white colour wall..i realised its sunday...sunday afternoon to be exact...and once again..i am going back soon...weekend always seems faster than weekdays isn't it?..its gone with the wind...again...

Spent alot of time thinking about stuff by jus lying on the bed this weekend...thinking about wat will happen in the future and what will i become..weird thoughts i guess but somehow some time in life everyone will give it a thought..its unusual to have 2 days of real tranquil at home yet i am unhappy about it..bros went malaysia with yf..not back yet...mum working and dad seems to be doing something every now and then..m the special one left me for the brighter sunshine of the thai:(...i jus have a sudden feel of losing everything everyone suddenly...its kinda of scary thought..which is happening temperory to me now...to lose it all....permanently i don think i can handle it..

had to drag xiong n reagan out..then watch star wars which i don really understand last night..watch some street basketball com..hang ard went home..slp..go church and phew..its gone...once again i am getting pack up to go back...another week...

i miss u...alot...

~Mr Jen has spoken.

Sunday, June 05, 2005
` 12:08 AM
After the first week into mortar course..i jus feel pissed...not mith the rest of the trainees...they are quite nice..not with staying in..can save on transport fee...not with the bunk..its quite big...but with the ppl in my office..yes my fellow colleagues and trainers...only one of them though in specific...its a commander course for goodness sake..as stated..IT IS MEANT FOR COMMANDERS..and you don treat commanders like the way u treat man...not when u show them show them little respect and try to twist ur words and tone so that it wont sound as though u r talking to man..not when u r given some reflections and u don take them into stride but treat ur trainees advice as a form of not respecting u and threaten them with actions...not when u r a LOWER RANK personnel...wake up!...phew...ok i cough it all out...i am jus trying to say out what i feel inside...but i will tolerate because i am a TRAINEE now...take it into stride..forgive others as others forgive u..love ur enemies...i am trying to do so....

a whole week of tiring mortar drills though i learnt quite alot of things...seems like the days get longer...but it jus make me tot of the training days back in ocs..when we still joke and laugh tog...but now..as an officer..its different..frens r fewer...in tough times..u have to strand alone...most of the time..wat to do...lead by example lo...

enough of army..had driving today..bad..went for alpha camp meeting..decided on certain issues..which is gd and progressive..then bought the army stuff..then went beauty world slack awhile and home...quite bored though..coz i am e lowest priority right?:p

this week is coming to an end le...another wk to come..time jus come and go...if only it can jus stop at a particular moment where the nicest things occur isn't it gd?

~Mr Jen has spoken.

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